Glamping Cottage Kawaguchiko



Recommend Points


The spacious dining room features a well-equipped kitchen, Japanese-style room, and dining table, allowing large groups to enjoy themselves without worrying about space.


Rain or shine, worry not! Each unit comes with a covered terrace, ensuring enjoyment even during rainy weather. Rent a BBQ grill for a delightful outdoor dinner experience. With doors that open to connect seamlessly with the indoor space, feel free to use it at your leisure.
BBQ Grill: Additional ¥4,000


The second-floor balcony offers a view of Mt. Fuji, while the bedroom with four single beds provides comfortable accommodation. Enjoy the sight of Mt. Fuji from the Jacuzzi bath. Relaxing in the outdoor chairs on the balcony after a bath is truly a delight.


There are a total of four villa cottages and parking spaces available.


The building located on the left-hand side upon entering the facility. The roadside building is labeled as Villa A, while the one further back is Villa B.


The building located on the right-hand side upon entering the facility. The roadside building is labeled as Villa C, while the one further back is Villa D. Please note that Villa D is the most popular for its view of Mt. Fuji!

 Room info

locationNumber of buildingsAccessRoomFacilitiesAmenities
〒401-0310 4684-1,Katuyama,Fuji-Kawaguchiko-match,Minami-turu-gun,Yamanashi
4①Taxi from Kawaguchiko station:10~12 minutes
②Free shuttle service(15:30~18:00)
③Car(Parking is available.)
1F: Open kitchen, toilet, Japanese-style room, BBQ terrace
2F: Two bedrooms, toilet, bathroom, Mt. Fuji viewing terrace
Kitchen supplies (pots, pans, cutlery, cooking utensils), refrigerator, microwave
Kettle, tableware, condiments (salt, pepper, oil, soy sauce), aluminum foil, TV, washing machine, dryer, hair iron, laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent

Rainproof BBQ terrace for worry-free enjoyment. Rental fee for BBQ grill is ¥4,000 per day. You can purchase ingredients at a nearby supermarket. For those without a car, we can make a stop at the supermarket during the shuttle service. Please feel free to inquire.

Our Fuji-view Jacuzzi + Bathroom combo has received many rave reviews. With blinds open, you can catch a glimpse of Mt. Fuji while soaking in the Jacuzzi. Our spacious and immaculate bathrooms are meticulously cleaned for your comfort.

More details


〒401-0310 山梨県南都留郡富士河口湖町勝山4684−1

Facility’s MAP

Roadside: AC, Close to Mt. Fuji: CD
※ There are no differences in the interior of the cottages. Additionally, the view of Mt. Fuji is subjective, and we cannot guarantee which cottage provides the best view.
Parking spaces are located next to the reserved cottage for parallel parking. If you have more than two cars, please park in a vertical formation.





    1. Mount fuji Panorama Glamping

    2. Fujiyoshida-Tamakiya

    3. Fujiyasan

    4. JIN cottage

    5. Glamping Resort Varie

    6. Habitasion cottage JIN

    7. Villas Fuji

    8. Villas Fujiyoshida

    9. Suite Glamping Kawaguchiko