Suite Glamping Kawaguchiko

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Suite Glamping Kawaguchiko

Sweet Glamping Kawaguchiko offers a facility where you can enjoy glamping while feeling the nature with Mount Fuji right in front of you. The facility provides only four DOME tents, each with its own private space. Indoor BBQ can be enjoyed regardless of the season or weather conditions.


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Glamping with Mount Fuji right in front of you. You can enjoy the view of Mount Fuji from any room. Surrounded by nature in the rural town of Kawaguchiko, it’s perfect for a holiday retreat in a peaceful setting.


The bedroom, which transcends the concept of camping, features four double-sized beds in charming dome spaces. If four people stay, they can rest comfortably in spacious surroundings.
Moreover, opening the curtains might reveal a breathtaking view of Mount Fuji.


You can enjoy BBQ or meals regardless of the season or weather.The compact living space is equipped with essential appliances, cooking utensils, TV,air conditioning, allowing you to cook, play games, and relax.
(Stove rental: ¥4,000)


We offer a total of four domes and private spaces.

A bedroom with four double beds in a 7-meter diameter dome tent. Opening the curtains reveals a majestic view of Mount Fuji.


It’s a compact yet fully equipped living room with a flat-screen TV and a high-quality gas grill. You can rent a BBQ grill and enjoy indoor BBQ, or connect a game console to the TV for entertainment.

Adjacent to the living room, the bathroom offers a clean and spacious place to unwind, with a view of Mount Fuji when you open the window. We provide locally sourced, natural brand Matsuyama oil-based shampoo, conditioner, and body soap for your use.

Dining plan

Rain or snow, no worries! Enjoy a comfortable indoor BBQ.

We offer the two types of meal sets.

①Premium Wild Glamping BBQ Plan – A meat lover’s delight. <Meat lovers BBQ>

The set includes a combination of pork, chicken, and beef, along with aioli, grilled vegetables, salad, bread, and various condiments. With generous portions of meat, your appetite is sure to be satisfied. Price per person starts from ¥11,000. *Reservations start from a minimum of 2 people.

②Seafood Glamping BBQ Plan – A gift for seafood lovers.<Seafood lovers BBQ>

The meal plan includes a selection of lobster, scallops, and abalone, accompanied by aioli, grilled vegetables, bread, salad, and various condiments. It’s a delightful dining plan for seafood enthusiasts. Price per person starts from ¥11,000. *Reservations start from a minimum of 2 people.      

③Only grill rental

A plan where you bring your own ingredients and only rent the BBQ grill. BBQ Grill: 1 grill per day for ¥4,000.

Additional information

Accommodation rate

The prices also vary depending on the booking site, reservation date, and any applicable coupons. For more details, please search and check on the reservation page below.

1~2 people¥25,000~¥56,000
3 people¥38,000~¥69,000
4 people¥51,000~¥82,000
5 people¥64,000~¥95,000
6 people¥77,000~¥108,000
7 people¥90,000~¥121,000
8 people¥98,000~¥134,000

Neighborhood information

Although it is a small rural town, we will introduce places you can reach on foot and local recommendations.

Nearby Supermarkets – Perfect for Grocery Shopping!
①MaxValu GoogleMap
➡Just 3 minutes by car or 11 minutes on foot from Suite Glamping, you’ll find a large supermarket center. In addition to groceries, the area features many other stores such as Daiso, Sports Depot, DCM, and various restaurants, offering everything you need.
②OGINO GoogleMap
➡7 minutes by car or a 30-minute walk from Suite Glamping, though walking may be a bit of a trek, is a popular local supermarket. Here, you can get groceries at low prices.

Recommended Walking Trail ♪
① Katsuyama Michi-no-Eki GoogleMap
➡ It offers expansive lawns with Lake Kawaguchi right in front of you. You’ll find people walking their dogs, lounging on the grass, or playing ball, making it a relaxing place to spend time. It’s a hidden local gem!

Nearby Convenience Stores – Perfect for Quick Shopping!
①LOWSON 11 minutes on foot GoogleMap
②Seven eleven 22 minutes on foot、5 minutes by car GoogleMap

Recommended Mini Hiking – Fuji Sunrise Viewing
① Hanekoyama  GoogleMap
➡ A lesser-known spot for mini hiking and trekking on a small mountain. From the summit, you can see Mount Fuji. Perfect for those who want to enjoy morning exercise or casually view Mount Fuji from above!

Nearby Bakery – Ideal for Breakfast!
➡A popular local bakery! It’s a 10-minute walk away—perfect for a morning stroll. They open at 8:00 AM, closed on Sundays and Mondays. GoogleMap



Facility’s MAP

Rooms are numbered from A to D.
The parking lot is immediately to the right upon entering.





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    3. Villas Fuji

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