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Fujiyoshida City, famous for its iconic shot with Mount Fuji and its traditional shopping streets.
Villa Fujiyoshida is conveniently located near popular tourist spots,
making it ideal for accommodation during Mount Fuji climbs or
visits to Fuji-Q Highland. Recently, it has become a gathering place
for people from various countries, offering a relaxing retreat.
Why not create wonderful memories with your family or group here?


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Recommend Points


Perfect for families or groups, enjoy exclusive use of the entire house.

You can accommodate up to 8 people and rent the entire house. You can relax by watching TV, playing card games, or doing whatever you like. The spacious living room area is perfect for enjoying hot pot dishes and shabu-shabu using a hot pot set.


BBQ dinner

You can also rent a BBQ grill to enjoy outdoor dining! Using a professional grill adds to the joy of your stay with a BBQ experience. At night, there are lights and curtains for privacy and peace of mind while you use the facilities.


Clean bedrooms

We offer three clean bedrooms, each with two single beds. For groups of 7 to 8 people, additional futons are provided, allowing guests to sleep comfortably in the second-floor living space as well. This setup ensures privacy and enjoyment for group trips with friends or two families.


Located a 8-minute walk or 3-minute drive from Fujiyama Station. Within walking distance, you’ll find convenience stores and restaurants, making shopping and dining easy and convenient.

A villa

B villa

C villa

The bedrooms are simple and clean, with each villa having three rooms, each equipped with two single beds. For groups of six or more, additional futon sets are available upon request.

Perfect for larger groups to gather and have a great time, the living space is ideal for socializing. You can also enjoy hot pot dishes like shabu-shabu in the tatami area. It’s the perfect place to relax and have meaningful conversations.

The bathroom is located on the second floor and features a bathtub where you can relax and unwind. There is one toilet on each floor, with one located on the first floor and another on the second floor.

Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, towels, and toothbrushes are provided. There is also a washing machine available.

 Room information


You can order a local favorite meat set here.

BBQ dinner set

① Meat Set for 4-6 people (1400g): ¥10,000
Contents: Kalbi (short ribs), Harami (skirt steak), pork loin, thick-cut tongue, sausage, Yagen cartilage, steak (cut of meat), [Includes secret sauce!] Grill fee not included

② Meat Set for 3-4 people (900g): ¥7,000
Contents: Kalbi (short ribs), diced Harami (skirt steak), pork belly, beef tongue, sausage, Shingen-dori (local chicken) thigh, [Includes secret sauce!] Grill fee not included



By Car・From Shinjuku: Take the Chuo Expressway for 80 minutes, then take the Kawaguchiko IC exit and drive 10 minutes to Villa Fujiyoshida.
・3 minutes from Fujiyama Station.
Public transportationTake the bus or train to Fujiyama Station, then it’s an 8-minute walk to Villa Fujiyama.
Address〒 403-0016   1-1-42-2,Matuyama,Fujiyoshida-shi,Yamanashi
Tell number050-5369-5534​


The base rate starts from 4 people. Please note that prices may fluctuate depending on the situation. These are approximate guidelines.

Prices may also vary depending on the booking site, reservation date, and applicable coupons. For detailed information, please search on the reservation page provided.

1~4 people¥28,000~¥54,000
5 people¥34,250~¥60,250
6 people¥40,500~¥66,500
7 people¥46,750~¥72,800
8 people¥45,000~¥79,050





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