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At Mt. Fuji Panorama Glamping, the majestic Mount Fuji unfolds before you, showcasing various expressions that change with the seasons. Collaborating with the lights of the small town and residential areas of Lake Kawaguchi, it creates a nostalgic landscape.


Our DOME tents, nestled in a reassuringly private space, stand out as the premier accommodations. Exclusive to guests staying in our DOME tents, we offer BBQ and campfire areas, baths with tubs, and balcony spaces. The panoramic view of Mount Fuji from inside the tent is breathtaking. With partitions separating them from shared areas, guests can fully immerse themselves without worrying about their surroundings.


How about enjoying a BBQ dinner on our panoramic terrace overlooking Mount Fuji? You can indulge in our “Glamping Meat Lover’s BBQ Plan” provided by the facility, leaving you fully satisfied without any hassle. Alternatively, you can bring your own BBQ ingredients and rent only the stove.


Our facility consists of four trailer houses (two Fuji View trailer), along with one dome tent.

Located directly facing Mount Fuji, our accommodation features a small window offering a view of the majestic mountain. It includes one luxurious king-size bed, along with a private shower room & toilet, and a mini kitchen.

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Featuring a king-size bed, along with an en-suite shower room & toilet, and a mini kitchen, this room is designed for two adults. Please note that Mount Fuji is not visible from the Queen room.

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Our exclusive Dome Tent, the only one on the premises, boasts a private terrace, a wooden deck, BBQ facilities, and a bathroom. The view of Mount Fuji from here will undoubtedly create unforgettable memories. *Please note that it is always fully booked. Contact us early to inquire.

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Meal plan

You can enjoy a hassle-free BBQ with locally sourced ingredients by ordering the BBQ meal set.

Meaty BBQ set & Lovely Fujisan bread

Introducing our popular local butcher’s special marinade and assorted meat plan! This package includes a stove, charcoal, charcoal lighting service, and utensils. Reservations are accepted up to 3 days before the stay.
Price: ¥8,400 per person (tax included).

BBQ grill rental

You’re welcome to bring your own ingredients. Rental of stove and utensils on-site.Our staff will handle all aspects of starting the fire, preparation, and cleanup.
Price: ¥4,000 per group.

Private BBQ for the dome tent’s guest only

Guests staying in the DOME tents can rent a gas stove. There is a dedicated space with partitions, allowing you to enjoy a private BBQ. The view of Mount Fuji is also fantastic! ¥4,000.


We provide essential amenities and unique camping activities for your enjoyment.

Private Shower room

All rooms are equipped with private showers and toilets. We provide shampoo, conditioner, body wash, towels, and toothbrushes.

Two types of SAUNA

Introducing the Mount Fuji view Barrel Sauna, “SAUNA PANORAMA,” and the Shower-equipped Barrel Sauna, “SAUNA HERMITAGE.” Both are available by advance reservation as paid options.

SAUNA PANORAMA1 hour¥4,000/1group/16:00~20:00
SAUNA HERMITAGE1 hour¥3,500/1group/16:00~20:00

As part of our anniversary package, you can choose room decoration (¥3,500) and anniversary cake (¥2,800~¥4,300 *depending on the type).

Attention all bonfire enthusiasts! We offer complimentary bonfires until 8:00 PM. Simply mention “bonfire request” when making your reservation, and our staff will prepare it in advance for you.

Accommodation Rate

Prices may vary depending on the booking site, reservation date, and applicable coupons. Please check the details by searching on the reservation page below.

Trailer house
1~2 people¥13,000~¥33,000
3 people¥17,800~¥39,500
Imperial DOME tent
1~2 people¥33,000~¥66,000
3 people¥45,000~¥78,000
4 people¥57,000~¥90,000
5 people¥69,000~¥102,000


♦Location:〒401-0301 4329-1,Funatu,Fuji-Kawaguchiko-match,Minami-turu-gun,Yamanashi
♢For those arriving by train:a 10 minutes walk from Kawaguchiko station.
♢For those arriving by car: Parking available.
※We don’t offer shuttle services.

Facility’s MAP


Neighborhood information

【Supermarket around on-site】
① Supermarket Takadaya・・・8 minutes on foot. It’s a local supermarket. Closed on sunday. You can buy meat, vegetables, fish, and instant foods. GoogleMap
②Watahan supermarket・・・18 minutes on foot. 5 minutes by car. A large home improvement store. It sells a wide variety of items in addition to groceries.GoogleMap

【Kawaguchiko station】
①On foot・・・8~10 minutes to on-site.
②By car or taxi service・・・2~5 minutes to on-site.
※We don’t offer the shuttle. There is no bus station around on-site.

【Recommend sightseeing】

Kawaguchiko Panorama Ropeway: A 15-minute walk from Panorama Glamping. There is a free public parking lot along the lakeside. GoogleMap
Lake Kawaguchi Lakeside: A 13-minute walk from Panorama Glamping. There are walking and cycling paths along the lakeside.
Yagisaki Park: A relaxing lawn park with a view of Mount Fuji. There are many lovely cafes nearby.GoogleMap
Kawaguchi Asama Shrine: A must-visit shrine when you come to Lake Kawaguchi. If you do a short hike, you can reach Hahano Shirataki Waterfall. The parking lot fills up quickly, so it’s best to arrive early! GoogleMap
Fuji Mountain Sky Torii: The Sky Torii that has become popular on Instagram and other social media. The contrast with Mount Fuji is amazing, making it an ideal spot for photography. GoogleMap




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