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Recommend Points


Old Japanese style

Tamakiya was born from the renovation of a traditional Japanese farmhouse. It retains a nostalgic charm and a Japanese ambiance, with touches of antiquity throughout the house. Many of our foreign guests have expressed their admiration for the modest and unpretentious atmosphere of this house, leaving heartfelt comments about their experiences.


Just feel a Japanese house

The Japanese-style room is 12 tatami mats in size, and can accommodate 4 to 5 sets of futons for sleeping. You can find autumn leaf patterns on the sliding doors, tatami mats, and lighting. You will feel the nostalgic charm of traditional Japanese style.


Access is GOOD!

It is ideally located for easy access to Fuji-Q Highland, Mt. Fuji, numerous restaurants and shops, and hot springs. For those planning to focus on leisure activities, mountain climbing, or sightseeing, this location is perfect: Fuji-Q Highland and Fujiyama Onsen are within a 10-minute walk, and the Mt. Fuji Subaru Line is about a 5-minute drive away.


Japanese style room

The room at the very back on the second floor offers a modest welcome service with tea and sweets. It is a room that retains a nostalgic and old-fashioned charm. When it’s time to sleep, you can move the table aside and lay out the futons.

Western style

The room at the front on the second floor is equipped with relaxation cushions, a TV, a sofa, and a low table. It also has air conditioning and heating. Additionally, we provide a fan in the summer and a stove in the winter.

 Room info

LocationThe number of buildingsAccessRoomsFacilitiesAmenities

Tamakiya,1386-3,Matuyama,Fuji-yoshida-shi,山梨県富士吉田市松山1386−3 民宿たまきや
1①By taxi from Fujisan Station: 10-12 minutes
②By car: About 2 minutes from Kawaguchi Lake Interchange
③On foot: About 20 minutes from Fujisan Station
1st Floor: Entrance, toilet, bathroom, washbasin
2nd Floor: One Western-style room, one Japanese-style room, mini kitchen, toilet
Kitchen supplies (pots, frying pans, cutlery, knives, ladle, spatula, etc.), IH stove, rice cooker, refrigerator, microwave, kettle, tableware, seasonings (salt, pepper, oil), TV, washing machine, dryer, hair iron, laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent, dish sponge.Towels, toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, body soap.

We have a washing machine with a dryer, ensuring peace of mind even for long-term stays. It’s been well-received by our foreign guests ☆彡, making it convenient as there’s no need to go to the laundromat. We also provide detergent for free.

More details

Accommodation fee

Prices may vary depending on the booking site, reservation date, and applicable coupons. For details, please search on the reservation page below.

1~4 people¥15,800~¥56,000
5 people¥21,300~¥61,500
6 people¥26,800~¥67,000
Seasonal Price Estimates: Please note these are rough estimates.
January: △ (Low)
February: ▲ (Mid-range) – Chinese New Year season
March: ▲ (Mid-range) – Spring break season
April: ☆ (High) – Cherry blossom festival season
May: △~▲ (Varies)
June: △ (Low) – Quiet period due to the rainy season
July: ▲ (Mid-range)
August: ★ (High) – Summer vacation season
September: △~▲ (Varies)
October: △~▲ (Varies)
November: ☆ (High) – Autumn foliage festival season
December: △ (Low)
Year-end/New Year: ★ (High)


所在地:〒403-0016 山梨県富士吉田市松山1386−3 民宿たまきや

Parking lot MAP

You cannot park in front of Tamakiya.
The parking lot at the far end of the udon restaurant, visible from Daiso, is available for parking.

Neighbarhood info

Popular noodle
Yoshida Udon Tamakitei is located adjacent to ‘Tamakiya in Fujiyoshida’. It’s a popular local udon restaurant where people gather in large numbers especially during lunchtime.

➡Within walking distance, accessible hot springs! Arrive in 2-3 minutes! Wash away the weariness of your journey quickly!

Daily Yamazaki a 2minutes walk GoogleMap
Daiso just 1 minutes walk

Matsuya ➡ 30 seconds on foot
Aiya(Japanese restaurant) ➡ 1 minute on foot
McDonald’s ➡ 2 minutes on footSaizeriya ➡ 3 minutes on foot Additionally, there are many local izakayas and chain restaurants!



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