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Enjoy your stay with Mt.fuji

Villas Fuji is a private villa rental situated right in front of Mount Fuji, blending seamlessly into the nature-filled atmosphere of Lake Kawaguchi. Opened before the one-house rental boom, it has remained a beloved facility with a loyal clientele. Many repeat visitors enjoy their stay with a sense of comfort as if returning to their own home. Ideal for families with young children or larger groups, the villa features three bedrooms and a spacious living room designed for groups. Additionally, you can rent a BBQ grill and enjoy outdoor dining with a view of Mount Fuji, creating unforgettable memories. Whether you’re on vacation or sightseeing, come and immerse yourself in the natural surroundings of Villas Fuji at Lake Kawaguchi.


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Beautyful Mt.fuji

Villas Fuji is located in the Funatsu area of Lake Kawaguchi, where Mount Fuji is most beautifully visible. While slightly removed from tourist spots in a residential area, it offers a quiet and tranquil stay. The highlight, Mount Fuji, presents a stunning view, particularly on clear days, making it an ideal destination for those seeking the panoramic beauty of Mount Fuji.


Ideal for groups or family vacations!

Villas Fuji consists of three villas, A to C. Villa B, located in the middle, features tatami bedrooms and can accommodate up to 9 guests. For groups exceeding 9 people, multiple villas can be booked to accommodate everyone comfortably. It’s the perfect accommodation for an enjoyable group trip!


Fun outdoor BBQ

By renting a BBQ grill, you can enjoy an outdoor dinner in a dedicated space! The BBQ area is located on the second floor of each villa, and the grill is available for use until 9:00 PM. We also accept orders for meat sets from popular local stores.


The facility consists of three villas, each available for exclusive rental, offering the entire villa to yourself.

From the road side, we have Villa A, Villa B, and Villa C located at the far end. There isn’t a significant difference in the view of Mount Fuji from each villa. If you are arriving by car, parking is available in front of the villa (up to 2 cars per villa).

A villa

A room with a green color scheme.
We provide three bedrooms with six single beds and two sets of futons.

Floor plan
B villa

A room with a brown color scheme.
We offer three bedrooms with four single beds and a Japanese-style room with five sets of futons.

Floor plan
C villa

A room with a white color scheme.
We provide three bedrooms with six single beds and two sets of futons.

Floor plan

On the ground floor of each villa, there are three bedrooms. In Villa B only, one room consists of a Japanese-style room with three sets of futons. In Villa A and Villa C, there are three rooms with two single beds each. Additionally, there are two sets of futons on the second floor.

Each villa has its own private BBQ and outdoor space. Enjoy a delightful BBQ on the second floor while taking in the serene views of Mount Fuji and the tranquil atmosphere of Lake Kawaguchi.

A living space with a fully equipped kitchen. It includes a TV, Wi-Fi, a sofa, and a dining table, providing all the essentials for a comfortable stay.

Kitchen amenities: refrigerator, freezer, microwave, toaster, rice cooker, dishes, cutlery, knives, cutting board, paper towels, pots, and pans.

Each villa has one bathroom with a bathtub, and there is one toilet on both the first and second floors. You can also enjoy views of Mount Fuji from the bathroom.

Amenities: washing machine, hair dryer
Toiletries: towels, toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, body soap
*Please note that there are no room wear provided.

 Room details


You can place orders for meat sets from popular local stores.

Authentic BBQ sets for enjoying at home.

1) 4-6 servings (1400g): ¥10,000
Contents: Kalbi (marinated short ribs), Harami (skirt steak), pork loin, thick-cut tongue, sausages, Yagen cartilage, and premium steak slices, [with our secret sauce!]
*Grill fee not included.

2) 3-4 servings (900g): ¥7,000
Contents: Kalbi (marinated short ribs), diced Harami (skirt steak), pork belly, beef tongue, sausages, and Shinshu-dori chicken thighs, [with our secret sauce!]
*Grill fee not included.



CarApproximately 4 minutes / 1.7km from Kawaguchiko Interchange via National Route 139.
Public transportation:About 8 minutes by taxi from Kawaguchiko Station.
Address〒401-0301 7362-2,Funatu,Fuji-Kawaguchiko match,Minami-turu-gun,Yamanashi


The rates vary depending on the season and reservation date. The basic rate starts from 4 guests.

*Prices may also vary depending on the reservation site, date, or applicable coupons. Please search for more details on the reservation page.

1~4 people¥28,000~¥54,000
5 people¥34,250~¥60,250
6 people¥40,500~¥66,500
7 people¥46,750~¥72,800
8 people¥45,000~¥79,050
9 people¥51,250~¥85,300

Local Information

Here are some places within walking distance:

Nearby supermarket for groceries:
1) Kawaguchiko Shopping Center BELL➡ 3 minutes by car or 8 minutes on foot from Villas Fuji.GoogleMap
2) MaxValu Kawaguchiko Store
➡ 7 minutes by car from Villas Fuji. GoogleMap

Nearby convenience store for quick shopping:
1) Lawson – 3 minutes on foot.GoogleMap
2) FamilyMart – 2 minutes on foot.GoogleMap

Nearby bakery for breakfast





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