trailer HOUSE

Trailer House

Introducing the unique accommodation experience of our trailer houses. Despite their compact size, we offer rooms designed for adults, prioritizing comfortable beds and the essentials for daily living. Mt. Fuji Panorama Glamping features four trailer houses for your enjoyment.



In our 25-square-meter room, you’ll find one queen-size bed, one sofa, a mini kitchen, a bathroom, and a toilet. We provide the highest quality Sata queen bed, meticulously cleaned for your comfort. While designed for two adults, families with children are welcome. Additionally, we can accommodate extra guests or provide futon sets for infants or toddlers.

・Little Fuji View from the small window・

The unique feature of the KING room is the view of Mount Fuji from the small window. With skillful photography, you might capture your own special piece of art. *Please note that Mount Fuji is not visible from the Queen room.




The Queen room, lacking a Mount Fuji view, is priced lower than the King room. It’s recommended for those who find a view of Mount Fuji from outside sufficient or for those without particular preferences. The White room, featuring a white theme, is popular among female guests.