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At Glamping Resort Varie, we offer facilities and services designed to make camping enjoyable and stress-free, even for beginners. Our guests can experience the simple pleasures of activities like campfires and BBQs, while enjoying the unique experience of sleeping in dome tents. Additionally, we provide a free shuttle service from Kawaguchiko Station and Fuji-Q Highland, making it convenient for those without a car to visit us. The resort offers a close view of Mt. Fuji, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the fresh, natural air. This glamping experience is perfect for those who want to try outdoor stays, even if they are not camping or outdoor enthusiasts.


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The facility offers 6 private dome tents, each with its own BBQ and campfire space. Additionally, there are shared areas with 4 shower rooms and toilets each. No need to worry about BBQ or campfire equipment as we provide rental sets ranging from ¥2,500. Activities are available until 8:00 PM each evening.


The facility offers three types of rooms: Suite Room, Family Room, and Standard Room.Among them, the Suite Room is the most popular! Let’s choose the room that suits you best.


Don’t worry if you don’t have a car! We offer a shuttle service from Kawaguchiko station to the location!(15:30~18:00/09:00~10:00)


We offer six dome tents in total, with three types of rooms available.

Our facility offers only one suite room. This room, equipped with one queen bed and a dresser, is extremely popular among couples and female travelers. The ambiance is akin to bringing a hotel room into a dome tent, creating a unique experience.


This room, where you sleep on futon mattresses, is designed as a family room for those with young children or for larger groups. You can spread out the futons when needed, and otherwise enjoy the dome tent as an all-living space.


This room, designed with a simple camping vibe in mind, features four low, flat beds arranged amidst outdoor chairs and such. The beds are easily movable, allowing for open space in the middle for casual conversations.



If you order the BBQ meal set provided by the glamping facility, you can enjoy a BBQ with local ingredients without any hassle.

Meaty BBQ set & Fujisan bread

Special sauce from a popular local butcher shop! You can have cute Mount Fuji-shaped bread for breakfast, it’s totally okay! Includes stove, charcoal, charcoal lighting service, and utensils. Reservations accepted up to 3 days before your stay. Price: ¥8,400 per person (tax included).

BBQ grill rentals

Leave the charcoal lighting to our experienced staff! BBQ with charcoal provided. Bring your own ingredients and rent only the stove and utensils on-site for ¥2,500 per set.


We provide essential amenities and unique camping activities.

Shared Space:Shower rooms&toilets

We have shower rooms equipped with shampoo, conditioner, and body soap. Hairdryers, toothbrushes, and towels are provided for each guest. *During peak times, they are shared facilities.

Bonfire and BBQ stove rentals!

We offer rental of bonfire and BBQ equipment sets. Enjoy outdoor activities without the hassle of cleaning and preparation. *Please refrain from bringing your own equipment.

Surprise! Anniversary options

You can order room decorations, anniversary cakes, bouquets, and champagne. How about experiencing a special surprise and creating unforgettable memories for your loved ones on their special day?
★Room decoration:¥3,500
★Anniversary cake:¥2,800~¥4,300
★Anniversary pacage!(Free bonfire,anniversary cake,champagne,room decoration)¥11,000~

Additional Information

Accommodation rate

The base fee applies for a minimum of 2 persons. Please note that prices are subject to change depending on circumstances and should be viewed as a general guideline.

Prices may also vary depending on the booking site, booking date, and the application of coupons. For detailed information, please search and check on the following reservation page.

1~2 people¥23,000~¥59,600
3 people ※an additional futon¥36,850~¥70,400
1~2 people¥19,500~¥42,800
3 people¥28,300~¥51,600
4 people¥37,100~¥60,400
5 people¥45,900~¥69,200
6 people¥54,700~¥78,000
7 people¥63,500~¥86,500
1~2 people¥19,500~¥42,700
3 people¥30,300~¥53,500
4 people¥41,100~¥64,300
Price Guidelines by Season
Please note these are only guidelines.
△/Low ▲/Medium ☆/High ★/Peak Season

January △
February ▲ Chinese New Year Season
March ☆ Spring Break Season
April ☆ Cherry Blossom Festival Season
May △–▲
June △ Quiet Period due to Rainy Season
July ▲
August ★ Summer Vacation Season
September ▲
October ▲
November ☆–★ Autumn Leaves Festival Season
December △
Year-end/New Year ★


If you are arriving by car… When you see the sign for “French Dining“, make a right turn.You will see the facility on your right side as you go along the gravel road.

For shuttle service requestsPlease inform us of your need for shuttle service and your desired pick-up time by the day before.
Pick-up will be provided to either
“Kawaguchiko Station” or “Fuji-Q Highland Highway Bus Stop”.
Service hours: 3:30 PM – 6:00 PM
After check-out:09:00AM~10:00AM

Facility’s MAP





    1. Glamping Cottage Kawaguchiko

    2. Villas Fuji

    3. Mount fuji Panorama Glamping

    4. Suite Glamping Kawaguchiko

    5. Fujiyasan

    6. Villas Fujiyoshida