BBQ meal plan&rental items

BBQ meal/BBQ grill rentals

When you order the “Glamping Meat Feast BBQ! Local Popular Butcher’s Special Sauce 2 Varieties and Meat Platter Plan” provided by Glamping Resort Varie, you can enjoy your meal with ease as everything you need for BBQ, including utensils, stove, charcoal, charcoal lighting service, and BBQ essentials, is included. 

Advanced reservation required: 3 days in advance!

BBQ meaty plan(dining plan)

Meal contents: BBQ set! Meat platter (Hanami Tan, Sagari Steak, Kalbi, Sausage, Shinshu Jidori chicken thigh, Bone-in sausage, simple vegetables), Aioli, Mount Fuji bread, Soy milk bread, Salad, Homemade dressing, Homemade special sauce 2 varieties

Utensils: Stove, charcoal, charcoal lighting service, BBQ tool set (tongs, gloves, knife, cutting board, bowl, plates, cups, cutlery, plastic bags, dishcloth), Other cooking utensils (skillet, sandwich maker, etc.) available for free rental at the front desk.

Price¥8,400(includes tax)/1 person
EquipmentCassette stove & gas canister (for breakfast), additional cutting board, bowl, ladle, spatula, skillet, sandwich maker, marshmallow skewers, cooler box, seasonings (salt, pepper, oil *sauce is not included except for dining plans), griddle, frying pan, small pot, etc.
Reservation for meal planOptions can be purchased through the official booking page, by phone, or by message.
DeadlinePlease make your reservation at least 3 days prior to your stay. *Due to the preparation of ingredients according to reservations, cancellations on the day of arrival are not possible. Please contact us in advance in case of cancellation.
NotesWe do not offer children’s menus or vegetarian options. In such cases, guests are welcome to bring their own ingredients.

only BBQ grill rental(without meal)

Guests are welcome to bring their own ingredients and rent equipment only. *Please note that we do not allow guests to bring their own equipment that produces fire (such as stoves or bonfire pits). This is to maintain consistency in equipment usage across the facility, as a gesture of understanding for the local community.

BBQ grill large/¥5,000 
For 4-7 people. Ideal for groups and families. Perfect for those bringing plenty of ingredients!
BBQ grill medium¥4,000 
For 3~4 people.You can enjoy sitting in outdoor chairs.
BBQ grill small/¥2,500 
A two-person charcoal grill. Designed to be placed on the dining table for those who want to grill ingredients little by little.

All grills come with charcoal, charcoal lighting service, additional charcoal free service, BBQ tool set, and additional cooking utensil rental service at the front desk. Guests are responsible for bringing their own ingredients. There is no shop on the premises.

Bornfire/Camping fire!

We offer various types of bonfire pits for rental at our facility. *Out of consideration for neighboring residences, we do not allow guests to bring their own equipment. Thank you for your cooperation.

Normal type/¥2,500  
For those who simply want to enjoy a bonfire. Eco-friendly with low smoke emission thanks to secondary combustion!
Fasionable type/¥3,000  
We provide popular bonfire pits perfect for Instagram-worthy moments and photo shoots. *Please note that the types may vary depending on the season.
Big fire type/¥4,000            Experience the ultimate bonfire with roaring flames! Truly the epitome of bonfire enjoyment!

We also accept rentals and purchases of BBQ stoves and bonfire pits at the front desk on the day of. *Available from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Usage is allowed until 8:00 PM. Extension is not possible, so we recommend an early start.


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